You would think the only thing that would come between you and a hot guy at the Baths would be the towels both of you are wearing. But quite often you will see guys wearing more than just their towel to try to get extra attention. It is what is known as accessorizing your accessories. The importance of accessorizing is the impression you want to make to the other guys you encounter at the tubs. It is to either send a specific signal to other guys or to try and stand out amongst the crowd. But at the other end of the spectrum, you could be accessorizing for your comfort level. Whatever the reason, if you go to the baths with any regularity, it is always good to come prepared with a few items. Here are the most common things men bring to the Baths.

Some men like to accessorize their towel look by adding leather to their appearance. Over the years, I have seen all types of men in leather at the baths. But overwhelmingly, the majority of men wearing leather at the Baths are BEARS. By wearing leather, it sends a strong signal to other guys who may be interested in S&M or any other type of domination in bed. The message is that you like that stuff too. The wearing of leather at the baths varies between men. Some wear a leather vest with their towel. Others have leather straps over their chest and arms. While a few wear the leather hat. However, some men will wear a leather strap over just one arm. That is to send a signal to other men about their preference. A strap on the left arm means top/dominate. A strap on the right arm means bottom/submissive. Straps on both arms mean they can be versatile.

However, a few guys disregard the towel entirely and wear a full fetish leather outfit, complete with the leather pants, hat, and boots. One thing I do notice is the number of leather cock-rings worn, particularly by men over the age of sixty. By wearing a cock-ring, it supposedly keeps a man erection up for a long time, even after ejaculation.

Every time I visit the baths, I see so many senior gay men wearing them. And I thought that Viagra was supposed to put the cock-ring industry out of business!

Many guys are very paranoid about what their naked feet may step on. With many bathhouses dark, you can never see what is on the floor. It is especially true in the bathroom, where some baths do not have urinals. Sometimes the level where the toilet is can appears “wet” at time. Also, in the porno lounge or any major cruising spot where guys get it on, ejaculate can be on the floor (men are so messy sometimes!) So a lot of guys will don sandals, flip-flops, bedroom slippers, or even socks as they cruise up and down the hallways. I do not recommend socks, simply because your feet will get wet and uncomfortable if you pass through the “wet” area. Generally speaking, it is usually the much older men (early sixties) and Asian men (paranoia) that I see at the baths wearing footwear. I have even seen some Asian guys wear socks AND sneakers. Now that is real paranoia, and it looks just silly. Although I have thought about wearing sandals, I have decided against it. My personal feeling is that wearing something on your foot defeats the feeling of total nakedness at the baths. I love that feeling and to wear footwear, it just does not feel the same.

Some men will be at the baths naked with a towel on but wearing a t-shirt. It is a sign to me that the man is insecure about his “physique” You might think, “well maybe he is cold” but no. In the wintertime, management usually puts the heat up to summer-like temperatures. Since 99% of the gay population is, so body image-obsessed, many men feel apprehensive about showing the merchandise. Gay men worry that it may hurt their chances of hooking up with someone. At the Baths it can seem to be both competitive and threatening being surrounded by Twinkies with 5% body fat. Because of that, some gay men tend to cover up what makes them insecure. If it is the stomach, a shirt is thrown on. If it is thinning hair, they wear a baseball cap. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some men love to flaunt their body and will eschew the towel look and wear their underwear. These men are so confident they strut up and down the hallways as if they are walking the runways of a fashion show. Their briefs (or boxers) shout out names like “Calvin Klien” or “Tommy Hilfiger” I have to admit, some of the men I see wearing nothing but their undies look so SEXY!

To stand out among the pack, some men will bring their towel to wear at the baths. Everyone sort of blends together as they are all wearing a white towel. But by wearing a different color towel, with perhaps stripes, you get noticed more. Try it some time, you will see.

Just a note here, you may see a guy now and then at the baths wearing nothing at all. That is right, completely naked as he cruises the hallways. Rules state that everyone has to wear something to cover their mid-section. But management does not try to enforce it. Once in awhile a bathhouse staff person may point it out to the “nudist” but it is rare. Being nude has its drawbacks too. Since everyone has seen the merchandise, the mystery of the man is gone. Some guys may not want to bank a deposit, based on what they have seen. But on the other hand, if the merchandise is “unbelievable” then maybe it is good to advertise to get attention.

I have been asked several times, if it is possible to go to the baths only as an observer, without getting hit on. The answer is yes. If you are worried about men making a pass at you, here is a secret. Do not get undressed. No rule says you have to take off all of your clothes. Being fully clothed is a sign to other men, that you are off-limits. Some men might even think that you work at the bathhouse. And all the patrons know the staff is off-limits. My friend Ari (Prime Timers) will do just that. When he goes to the baths, he stays fully clothed, sits in part of the bathhouse, and watches people walk by. No one bothers him. If he sees someone attractive, he will pursue him, while still fully clothed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stories. I have never been to a bath house and found them to be a little intimidating. After reading your stories, I could see myself going to one.

  2. I really LOVE what you write about. I’m insatiable for bathhouses. My goal in life would be to visit every bathhouse in the US. I have had nothing but fantastic times every time I visit a bathhouse. They are my favorite places to go to. Love what you have to say about them.

  3. Hey I just read some of your stories. And made me very interested in visiting a bath house. I’ve started looking on some websites. Some pics of men in bath houses turn me on. Should I go alone or should I take a friend? I think I’d walk around with a rock hard boner as soon as I entered the place. Suggest any websites? Thanks…you should write more!

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