Handheld Items
While cruising the halls looking for the next lay, many men carry stuff with them. This is so you can have something to do during the inevitable down periods at the baths. It can range from water bottles to avoid dehydration, cigarettes to smoke while observing others, condoms and lube just to be prepared, and books to pass the time. I have even seen some guys carry their cell phone with them. That is something I do not recommend, as it can (and probably will) be stolen or misplaced. I have seen so many guys misplace their room or locker key over the years. And a cell phone is a much more valuable and easier item to misplace. In fact I would recommend any valuable stuff be kept in your car. Some baths will allow you to keep your valuables in a separate safe, monitored by the desk clerk. But by far, the most popular item men carry with them at the baths is Amyl Nitrate better known as "poppers" For all you newbies out there, poppers (Amyl Nitrate) are sold in small bottles for inhalation. This drug is very popular in the gay community and has a reputation for both enhancing the intensity of orgasm and helping relax the anal area while you are having sex. So you can see why men love their poppers, and do not want to leave home without them. Some men will wear the small bottle of poppers on a chain around their neck, as a necklace. That is because a lot of guys want to have their poppers easily accessible. With the amount of quickies that take place at any given time at the baths, you have to be prepared. A quickie encounter may take place when you least expect. In fact I see more men carrying around poppers than condoms!

All bathhouses have liquid soap in the shower area. Depending on how many sexual interludes you may have, it is good to shower in between. That way you can be nice and fresh for your next encounter. However many men don't like the liquid soap the baths provide. It can be harsh and really dry your skin. So it is not uncommon to see many guys bringing their own toiletry items. You see them carrying a small bag with soap, shampoo, hair gel, shaving kit, aftershave, deodorant, and moisturizer. Since many guys bring their own soap, why not go all the way and bring anything else they may need. There is nothing worse than being inside a bathhouse and needing something, like a razor. You can't leave to go to the drugstore. You will have to re-pay to return if you go out. Unless you paid for in and out privileges. And while some baths do sell toiletry items, a lot do not. So it is good to come prepared with everything you may need.

Items for the nightstand
Every room at the baths has a nightstand next to the bed. This is where you can put your cigarettes, water bottle, etc. When you are cruising the hallways and passing dozens of rooms, the one constant you will see are condoms and lube on the nightstand. Sometimes you may even see poppers too! Leaving condoms and lube on the nightstand sends a signal to other guys that you are interested in anal sex. But it can work in the opposite way. Some guys not into anal sex will avoid a room with condoms like the plague. There is one guy who prepares for anything. This one guy I know that takes it to the ultimate extreme. Every time he goes to the baths, he comes prepared. The nightstand is overflowing with stuff. There are condoms, two different brands of lube, moisturizer, baby oil, a box of Kleenex, a roll of paper towels, water, a package of baby wipes, scented candles, a small clock, a little radio (for jazz music), shampoo, liquid soap, hair gel, poppers and a pack of cigarettes. Now this guy doesn't do poppers or smokes. But he brings them anyways for any potential 'hook-ups' that may have a need for them during their romantic interlude. Isn't that so thoughtful? In the beginning the cigarettes were not a hit with many of his partners. Most of the guys did want to have a drag during the afterglow phase of their lovemaking. However, since my friend didn't smoke, he didn't know which brand to buy. Subsequently he bought a very unpopular brand, which many of the guys complained about! My friend finally wised up and bought a more popular brand, and has not heard very many complaints since.

These are just a few items men bring with them to the baths. Since most bathhouse visits are "impulse visits"(not planning ahead), keep some stuff I mentioned here in your car. That way you can be prepared and it will make your next visit to the baths, that more pleasurable.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stories. I have never been to a bath house and found them to be a little intimidating. After reading your stories, I could see myself going to one.

  2. I really LOVE what you write about. I’m insatiable for bathhouses. My goal in life would be to visit every bathhouse in the US. I have had nothing but fantastic times every time I visit a bathhouse. They are my favorite places to go to. Love what you have to say about them.

  3. Hey I just read some of your stories. And made me very interested in visiting a bath house. I’ve started looking on some websites. Some pics of men in bath houses turn me on. Should I go alone or should I take a friend? I think I’d walk around with a rock hard boner as soon as I entered the place. Suggest any websites? Thanks…you should write more!

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