Drug Use @ The Baths: Part 2
Drug Use @ The Baths: Part 2

Being that addicted to drugs makes you lose all track of time. The days and weeks have no structure as you are constantly consumed by an obsession of getting high. It is not so unusual for a drug addict to spend weeks at a time at the baths, since the drug dealer is right there on the premises. I have even heard of one addict who spent an entire month inside the baths, without ever going out. He was getting high on a daily basis. If you spend all of your waking hours trying to score a hit, you have no time for a job. So you do what other drug users do to score easy money – prostitute your body by hustling.

It is not uncommon to see drug users hustling to make a buck at the baths. And at least half of these drug users are straight! It really becomes a vicious cycle. You get high, hustle your body to get a buck, then run to a dealer to score more drugs to continue the high. No wonder why some addicts never leaves the baths. As well taking all of those drugs keeps your body in shape. I used to always wonder how some hustlers had fantastic bodies, and yet they never went to the gym. Taking E (Ecstasy) speeds up a persons metabolism, as it is an amphetamine. As well, if they are taking GHB, that apparently stimulates the release of growth hormone, acting as an anabolic steroid. So they are able to have a primo body without ever working out. And these hustlers are ready for business.

You may ask yourself why some bathhouses tolerate hustling. Bathhouses and prostitution seem to go hand in hand. Some bathhouses actually see hustling as good for their business. If a gay man comes in, hires a hustler, gets off and goes on his merry way, he is in and out the door in 30 minutes. The more guys that come in and out, the more money the baths can make. And the addicts to stay high, they hustle. They go from room to room seeing if anybody wants company, slipping in that they are "working". Usually they will be able to get some lonely married Asian guy for a $20 blowjob or an elderly white guy for $40 anal experience. Very obese men are also they guys they target. The addicts learn very fast that they are the ones who are the most desperate men at the baths. With an obsession to get high, drug addicts will first appear friendly. Act as a friend. But really what they are trying to do is to bilk money out of these guys. The trick here is to spend as little time as possible, get the money and run out to get more drugs. Even during the sex act, the only thing on a drug addicts mind is how much money he can get for his drugs. That is how straight hustlers manage to get through performing a blowjob. But continuously thinking of the drugs he will later get.

Even if these hustlers cannot find anyone who is interested, these drug users will not hesitate to hit someone up for a loan. They may use the excuse that they are about to be kicked out for overtime. I have seen this so many times. The drug user first turns on the tears. Then he will swear up and down that after he pays the room and everything is settled, he will go out to the nearest ATM and payback the money. It is only a 5-minute loan the drug user says. But in reality it is for drugs, and once the user gets his money, he will say the ATM machine was out of order! And that customer who was scammed will never see his money again. It all went up the hustlers nose. Or if all else fails, and the hustler still cannot get any money for drugs, he will start dropping his prices. In the beginning he may ask $20 for a blowjob. Now that price has been reduced to $15, then later $10.

If a hustler still cannot get any dough after trying everything I just talked about, they will turn to stealing to secure their drugs. Very rarely will a customer call the cops if they are robbed in a bathhouse, considering where the theft took place. The most common form of robbery that will take place occurs when a hustler will hook up with another hustler to steal money. Most likely one of them will distract a customer, while the other will steal the customer's key to get money. Neither one trusts the other to bring back equal amounts of drugs, so they will both go out together to score a hit. Or the hustler will use GHB to knock their victim unconscious. The hustler will slip GHB into a customer's drink and wait for him to pass out. Once that happens, the hustler takes the customers money for drugs. There was even one hustler who lubricated his dick with GHB. Once the customer sucked the hustler's penis, he was out cold. The life of an addict is a vicious cycle, and these are men that will do whatever it takes to get high. That is the only thing on their minds.

The good news is that not all bathhouses are like this. The bathhouse I go to has a zero tolerance policy on drugs and prostitution. They keep a list of drug addicts, dealers and hustlers who are permanently banned from the premises. They do not allow in or out privileges (the reason is to curtail men from going out to score some drugs before returning to the baths). And some baths do not even provide matches (so men are not lighting up behind closed doors).

But unfortunately many bathhouses cannot stop the use of club drugs at the baths. As long as it is socially acceptable amongst gay men, overdoses like the one I wrote about will continue to happen. For these people, nothing is sacred.

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  1. Though I do not question your experiences of race in the bathhouse environment, my comments are in regard to drugs and leather. Your generalizations about leather and the older clients all wearing cock rings are ignorant and a little dated. I was introduced to them by a lovely Hispanic boy in Club Palm Springs twelve years ago – and my sexual identity has continued to grow in the leather scene. I am fit, but certainly not a muscle Mary! As for the drugs – have you tried them ? I have tried virtually everything except heroin, my only regular drug is GHB, and your comments on XTC are not proven. Please use this site – which is very informative and entertaining in many areas – as an educational tool with factual information and not just hearsay. Just to let you know, Amsterdam is now starting to see Tina – its just starting to take off here and I am dreading it. I tried it in LA once and lost three days – luckily in a safe environment. I can see so many people getting hooked which is a shame, because it really has ruined the scene in places like LA – totally different crowd now than twelve years ago. Success with further exploits in the baths ! Simon

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