Bathhouse Drunks
Bathhouse Drunks

Most guys go to the baths to get laid or to socialize. Many go to make that connection, I had written about previously. There are a segment of guys who go to the baths because they are the loneliest people on the planet. These are truly lost souls. And believe me there are many, as I am one of them. Not victims mind you, but guys who are damaged goods. Which isn’t surprising considering the cards we are dealt with by society. But I digress, as I will get to my issues a bit later.

The feeling of loneliness is why you see so many guys looking for empty sex, as if that will fill up that emptiness inside of them. Some turn to sex, others turn to drugs and sex, which I wrote about in Drug Use At The Baths. Some don’t do drugs but just sex and booze. Empty sex, drug use and alcohol abuse. Don’t all good things come in threes? Some just go straight for the liquor, not really caring whoever is around. It is the bottle that is their object of affection.

For me I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Opportunities have presented themselves to me, but the fear of the unknown stops me from trying. Heck I don’t even use profanity. I am truly a goody two shoes. But I do go to the baths for the social aspect and the hope to find meaningless empty sex. I am just as guilty as the next person that is a lost soul. Though I hardly get any sex, but that is another story.

So if it is not the drugs or the sex it is the booze. Sometimes it is all three, a combination for two, or just one. Since I’ve already written about two of the three evils, this essay will be all about liquor. The fall down drunks I’ve encountered at the baths. Many times these drunks will arrive at the baths looking for a place to crash, as they have used up all their good will at the bars. Not being able to make it home, they head to the baths for a bed to sleep it off. Or they come to the baths to get sloshed even more, as some bathhouses feature a bar that serves liquor.

For bathhouse regulars they have seen their share of guys stumbling in a bathhouse, falling down, getting up again, and barely getting to their room. Just being completely and totally wasted. Just recently there was one guy who spent an entire week at the baths, drinking beer after beer after beer. Every 8 hours, re-upping his room and subsiding on nothing but beer. Right now I’m going to share two stories about two very different drunks. One I’m friendly with, and one I cared about very much.

Eli is 45, 5-11, blond, blue eyed with a nice furry chest. And a complete drunk. In fact I cannot recall a time when he wasn’t sloshed. Each and every time he comes to the baths he is completely wasted. Once as I was leaving the baths one day I saw him come in. 16 hours later I came back and Eli was still there. He had just renewed for another 8 hours, and was still smashed. For a full 24 hours Eli was spending his time at the baths. Not eating, not sleeping, and not even brushing his teeth. Just doing two things, drinking and having sex. Hopefully safe sex, which is what Eli tells me he always practices. But when you are wasted, who knows? Anyways this time Eli stopped by the baths because he was upset about something. I can’t remember what it was, but he needed to work it out. So he decided to get drunk and suck cock as an antidote. For the next 16 hours it was drink after drink after drink. In between all that drinking it was cock, ass, cock, ass. Eli has the looks and body to get laid anytime he wants. And people do take advantage of it. Sometimes Eli will sit in the lounge, beer in hand, with a smile on his face. Inebriated of course, his eyes totally glazed over. Some of the older, overweight, or even Asian guys will sit next to him and strike up a conversation. Then they take advantage of him, because they know he is drunk and will probably object only half-hardheartedly. The sad thing is that he allows himself to be taken advantage of. Maybe it is an ego thing, to be worshiped by all these guys that are not even at his level of looks. He once complained to me about his tummy, which was fine. It was flat, but a bit flabby, like an accordion when he sat down. Probably due to all the booze he drank.

Being a bit out of shape has spurred Eli to try to stall the aging process. He spends a lot getting botox. During a wild hook-up he broke his bed. It stayed broken for a very long time because he was spending all his extra money on botox. This was in preparation for a trip to Mexico. But does Eli spend time on the beaches, tour the local markets, or taste some of the cuisine? Nope, he heads straight to the local bathhouses and spends 24/7 to do the exact same thing. Get wasted and taste as many cocks as possible. He doesn’t even get a tan or even know what the weather is like. He stays indoors all the time to get wasted and taste cock, at both ends. He finds Latino guys pretty irresistible. And a blond tourist in their midst is hard to ignore. This is a trip he takes at least once a year. One time he missed his flight back home, by mere minutes. So he went back to the baths and lived it up for another night, using the excuse to his employer that he missed his flight.

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7 thoughts on “Bathhouse Drunks”

  1. “But I do go to the baths for the social aspect and the hope to find meaningless empty sex. I am just as guilty as the next person that is a lost soul.” do you really think you are guilty? Of anything other than exercising your right to do as you please? You really threw me with that.

    And sadly, having known a few alcoholics, Thom and Eli both sound typical and best avoided, so you dodged a bullet, albeit late in the case of Thom. You deserve better.

    1. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve never done any drugs including pot. I’ve never had anal sex at all. And I’ve been celibate for about five years. So you wouldn’t call that ‘goody two-shoes’?

  2. Another great account of one of your experiences and a true grit slice of bathouse life. I wouldn’t consider you irrevocably broken. You seem to have have dignity. And you didn’t go down the spiral downward, for empty sex, or a relationship with a man you fancy. The scene where Thom is fucking another dude, whilst his TiTo boyfriend is “sleeping” next to them in a bathouse cabin, is so awful. And what the hell was he doing there when he was apparently sick? You’re so much better off without him.

    I don’t believe in therapy (20 years? you should have put the money spent on it, in a savings account). You merely need to have unrelenting faith and self confidence (not hubris like most of the bath house posers as that is even more off putting than low self esteem). I’m sure you’ve got a whole lot more going for you than your dimples. If you’ve sorted yourself out, the right man will come along.

    As for the drunks, I find them even sadder than druggies. Alcohol is not sexy at all.

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