Looking To Get Laid
Looking To Get Laid At The Gay Baths.

The number one reason guys went to the baths was to get laid. As the decades have passed that concept hasn’t changed. What has changed is the intensity and drive some guys have to either fuck or get fucked. It is an either all or nothing at all attitude. These men just want an ass to fuck. Or they want their hole plugged. Period.

It is a real obsession for these men to fuck, either giving or receiving. No foreplay, no oral, no kissing. Just drop your drawers, spread your legs and let’s get this humping started. Of course with the advent of the Internet it has made hunting much more accessible. Or has it? There is so much game playing on-line that you could spend an entire evening just trying to connect with someone and have no success. You spend more time negotiating the act of hooking up than actually fucking. And many nights you will end up empty handed, even after chatting up a storm all night.

This is why the baths are a much better option than online. It gives guys instant gratification. You see what you like and you go for it. Instantly you know whether or not something is going to happen. Then you can really move on to someone else.

So if you are not picky about fucking any ass or getting fucked up the ass, then you’ll have plenty of choices available to you. Why do you think there are so many guys lying face down on their beds next to a pile of condoms? Or lying in a sling, legs spread wide apart, waiting to get banged by guy after guy after guy. Any cock up the ass will do. Doing nothing but fucking that loose hole. And for guys looking to fuck, it is a buyer’s market. This is provided that both parties are not picky.

On a side note the same holds true for oral. Where else can you go and suck as many dicks as you want? Or where you can get sucked off over and over again. All by pushing your cock through a glory hole. There is even something called a ‘slurp ramp’. An entire row of holes with cocks sticking out. You can literally go from cock to cock slurping your way down the ramp.

But let’s get back to anal sex at the baths. Though all this free wheeling sex sounds great, the reality is most gay men are pretty discriminatory towards what goes up their ass. You could be the greatest fucker on the planet. But if you didn’t hit the genetic lottery, no one is going to give you a chance in a bathhouse environment. It is all about looks first, technique second.

Because you will find so many guys with just having a fuck on their minds, it almost becomes a predatory game to them. A real focused obsession for that ass to drill or that cock to take. You’ll notice that these guys are the ones that are unapproachable and not very friendly. They are not here to socialize with, but to fuck and then to get out.

Which makes things hard for you when approached by guys with those eyes of theirs blazing. But don’t kid yourself. They are not hot for you. You are just passable to fuck. That is what they want. You are nothing but an object, something to fetish, to get off on. Devil’s advocate would say you are using each other. In my experience that is not the case. If you are both being satisfied, then you are using each other for gratification. But if only one is being used to fuck or get fucked with, then it is a one-way street. No matter how you slice it, there is no great feeling being used up like that for someone else’s gratification.

Many times you will find out what someone’s true motives are before it is too late. That is typical of the baths where hardly any communication happens before sex. Eye contact between two guys does all the talking. The guy looking to fuck will quickly turn things around to his advantage. And before you know it you are bottoming or staring at a guy’s ass waiting to get fucked. Many guys just follow through (with a condom hopefully) thinking that afterwards it will be his turn to get satisfied. But that doesn’t happen. Once the fuck finishes, the guy gets up and leaves. No thank you; no kiss good-bye, and no acknowledgement. Nothing. That is typical because you were nothing. Just a fuck and you served your purpose.

There are certain things you can do to avoid this trap. First never go back to a room with a guy before knowing exactly what is going to take place. Communicate and ask him what he likes to do. Always get the upper hand. Be very clear what he wants and what he likes to do. If he wants to get fucked and you don’t do anal, take a pass. Even if he is drop dead gorgeous, it is not going to work. You might think that you’ll change his mind once in the room. But that won’t happen. He is there for a specific reason, and if you both have different needs, then this is not going to work. Second the guy could always lie and say what you want to hear. But once in the room you quickly find yourself in a doggy type position. Or doing something you don’t want to do. At that point just get out. You can apologize and say it is not working and leave. Or you can just leave. You don’t owe him any explanations. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings, because you haven’t. He will just find someone else.

So while I have waxed nostalgia of how wonderful it can be to meet new people at the baths, there are those who stalk the halls and prey for a fuck. Any fuck. So you have to be careful of that. If you take away anything from this take away this piece of advise someone gave me long time ago. Never do anything you don’t want to do. And that advice has served me well.

5 thoughts on “Looking To Get Laid @ The Baths”

  1. Sometimes it’s really hit or miss. Last Tuesday went to baths on west side of Manhattan and nobody laid a hand on me. Just a few hours ago I was there again and hooked up this black dude who had a massive dick. We fucked for 45 minutes and there was a group of guys who stood outside listening to the soundtrack (I’m a noisy bottom). Once the door opened, this other big black dude came in and pounded me savagely till he got tired. Then the first one returned and had me again. Later I took a shower and this other black dude got hard watching me cleaning my ass. He followed me back to the room. I was actually putting on my clothes to leave but he barged in bent me over, pounded me and came quickly up my ass. Man, I am sore but my pussy is happy.

  2. I was at a bath house once overnight. And usually after 1:30am the guys cum in from the bars to have sex and leave. This night, several young guys came in about 2am. In one room the bath house had several table lined up against the wall, for what reason, not sure. But about 10/11 of the young guys laid on their backs, side by side, legs up and lets guys fuck them. Tops guys were moving from one to another fucking them, some getting seeded. I was one of the tops, and this one young guy I was fucking, ask if I had a room, I did, he ask if we could fuck in there, fuck yeah I said. So he spent the rest of the early morning letting me fuck and cum in him. It was wild. Not sure when the other guys broke up that were on the tables. I am sure the tops had their nuts drained and the young guys were leaking millions of seeds fucked up inside them.

  3. Well, I fell on your site and fell in love with it. I’m 46 and have been going to baths safely for years. Some of your stuff is awesome — I totally understand. As for me, I’m a white guy, and I really don’t care which race I have sex with. I go to the baths to get naked, get hard (I never use a towel), and suck and fuck and just have a great time. I never understood this deal where you have to be having sex with either the “right” looking guy, or “right” race, or whatever. Hell, if a guy wants to suck my dick he can go for it and I do the same thing. Anyway, I’ll keep reading. Hit me back with an e-mail sometime.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your bathhouse stories, but I didn’t see any mention of a guy like me. I like to cruise bathhouses, parks, bookstores, and rest stops to hook up no strings. I like being out of town where no one knows me so I can get wild and uninhibited. I’m 100% bottom. Like to PNP, BB, and be watched. I’m a total whore that likes to please tops. Are there many/other guys out there like me?

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