The Glory Hole
The Glory Hole

As I have mentioned in previous essays, the bathhouse I go to on a regular basis has everything you can possibly imagine. On one of my frequent visits not to long ago, I noticed that the room I was assigned had a glory hole. Just to explain to all of the newbies out there, a glory hole is a hole in the wall. On one side of the wall, a guy will stick his penis through the hole. On the other side of the wall, a guy will perform oral sex. All Bathhouses have glory holes somewhere on the premises. Most likely, they will be located in the dark areas of the baths (Read Gay Sex In The Dark Room).

If you are fascinated by Glory Holes, but unsure where to look for them, the answer is simple, go to the baths. It is the number one place that features Glory Holes. Not only do bathhouses place as many Glory Holes between rooms, some places even install Glory Holes on the outside walls of many rooms. You can walk down a hallway and see a closed door, but see a dick sticking out of a hole.

Some bathhouses even have entire sections of their premises featuring nothing but walls of Glory Holes. One bathhouse I frequent constructed a huge Glory Hole play area. Some of the glory holes are constructed like a phone booth. You go in and stick your dick through a hole, and wait for someone to come by to suck you off. And vice-versa, you can sit there and wait for a dick to stick through the hole, and start sucking. And you have no idea who is on the other side. Plus it is dark, which makes it even more difficult to know who is sucking you off, or who you are sucking off.

But the centerpiece of the Glory Hole play area is their circular platform. Picture a huge circular tube with walls. Inside are holes where you can stick your dick through. On the outside guys troll around, looking for as many dicks to suck off. If you are looking for anonymous oral action, this is the place to be. Sometimes I think that bathhouses deliberately look for every possible place to install Glory Holes, as they are so prevalent at the baths.

What is the attraction to Glory Holes? A lot of guys want a quick blowjob, and it does not matter who does it. Getting blown in this anonymous fashion is a true turn-on for most guys, as for the guys who love to blow anonymous dicks.

But there are some guys who just like to suck dick, and the more the merrier. They don't want conversation, they don't want to get to know someone, and they don't want to get involved. They just want to suck dick. And they don't care who it is. Glory Holes are great in that sense, cause they can suck as many as they want.

On the flip side, for guys who can't get any action at the baths, Glory Holes fit the bill for a quickie. As long as they are not particular about who blows them, they can get sucked as many times as they want. Glory Holes truly represents what quickie, dark, anonymous, de-personalized sex is all about.

So the room I had featured a glory hole, where I could see things in the room next door to mine. There is a small door on either side, so the patron will have the option of closing his hole or leaving it open. Since I am into voyeurism the possibility of seeing some action next door, courtesy of my glory hole, excited me. But my excitement soon turned to disappointment. As I had mentioned in Racism at the Baths, no one was interested. In subsequent visits, when I got a room with a glory hole, the guy next door to me would see me, and then close up his side of the glory hole. The only guys that left their glory hole open were men over 65 or who weighed 350 pounds.

One day I got a room with a glory hole, and the guy next door left his open. He was blond, skinny with a goatee. I got undressed, put my towel on and left my room to take a shower. Before exiting my room, I left my side of the glory hole open, just in case. I expected when I got back, that he would shut his side of the glory hole. When I got back, to my astonishment, the other side was still open. OK I thought, maybe he likes people to watch him having sex. In any case, I closed my room door (not the glory hole) and lay down on my bed, to see what would happen next. I heard some moving around and I got up to take a look through the hole. It was dark, but I could see him sitting on the bed, facing the hole, stroking himself. Not knowing where this was gong, I did the same.

Then he stuck his penis through the hole. I froze not knowing what to do, because I wasn't sucking dick during that time. It is one thing to tell someone face to face that you do not suck dick. But how do you do it with just a dick staring you in the face through a hole. The only thing I could do is stroke his penis. After a few minutes of this, he withdrew his penis, and I put my penis through the hole. That is when the fireworks began.

He was like a man who did not have a meal in three days. He began suck me off like it was the end of the world. I was on my tiptoes, with my whole body against the wall enjoying the ecstasy. After about 10 minutes, I withdrew my dick so it could get some air. Then I saw part of his face, from his chin to his nose, making mouth movements, moving his lips and tongue, indicating he wanted more. I gave him my balls, which he ate up like my dick. Standing up like that was a bit uncomfortable, because the hole was a little higher than where my dick is on my body.

After five minutes of this, I withdrew and then asked him what he likes to do. His response was that he loved to suck dick. I asked if I could come next door, and he said sure. I grabbed my key, left my room and went to his. As I lay on his bed, he continued to suck me until I reached orgasm, which was accompanied by me, screaming and exhaling. It was a beautiful experience. He took his mouth out of my penis, and spit out the cum on a towel.

I got up, wiped myself off, kissed him on the lips, and thanked him for a great time. I took another shower and then thought to myself, do I continue to leave my hole open or closed? I was only at the baths for a half an hour at that point. I still had 5 and half-hours to go. Leaving it open would indicate I wanted more. Closing it would indicate I do not want him anymore. I may be overly sensitive to other people's feelings, but I do that because I know what rejection feels like. The problem was solved, when I had to leave an hour later due to an appointment I had. During that remaining hour, I just cruised the hallways, and took a long hot dip in the whirlpool and sauna. When I returned to my room to get dressed to leave, I closed my hole. When I left, I passed his room and waived good-bye. And he waved back.

So you can see why a lot of guys can be seen hanging around glory holes. If they are not going to get laid, getting blown (even this anonymously) is better than nothing. Hmmm…since I am not getting any action, maybe I should start hanging around glory holes. As I have said, it better than nothing.

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7 thoughts on “The Glory Hole”

  1. I’m a gloryhole cocksucker. Really into giving head through gloryholes. Gotta great head here with a deep throat. No recip at all. I swallow. 00===>—-0:

  2. Always scared someone might bite my dick off behind one of these glory holes. Too many nutters about these days. I don’t mind sucking a cock through a glory hole myself, as long as its clean.

    In Pleasuredrome there is glory hole wall, but it’s all in full view in a much too well lit area. What’s the point of a glory hole if the darkness and anonymous elemenet is being taken away from it. Just a glory hole for the sake of a the idea of a glory hole – naff!

  3. I finally visited my first bathhouse. I got the courage to enter and paid, etc. I took off clothes and went to steam. I’m in my 40’s but look like I’m 30-35. I’m muscular and athletically built. So, I’m in the steam and this guy looks at me and is playing with himself. I thought wow I can play with myself here no problem. So I start playing with myself and this guy comes over and starts jerking me off. I didn’t realize that I had given him the go ahead. Well I’m not even sure I’m gay, but a hand is a hand. He is jerking me off for a long time and nothing is happening. I have a small cock (2-3″ limp) and I say sorry but we were in the steam and I’m getting dehydrated.

    I walked into the glory hole room and I felt like I was a kid in the petting zoo. All the guys came up to me and like the animals started surrounding me. One guy drops to his knees and starts blowing me. After awhile, nothing, so there is a line as to who can get me hard. It was pretty funny. I also liked making the older gay guys do stuff to each other. I told these two guys to play with each other Asses and they did. It was fun. By the way, after about 5 or 6 guys I did get hard.

  4. Loved your glory hole story – I also loved sucking dick, especially Asian or Afro American but – unlike your experience in the bath house I don’t spit – I love the taste

  5. Not all bathhouses have glory holes. They are so rare to find these days. When I was younger, I knew a certain rest stop on the interstate that had a glory hole. I’ve seen that hole while I was growing up. When I started to drive on my own, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was to check out that hole. The only trick was to make sure the bathroom was empty and that only me and the other person were the only ones there. One day, I had an opportunity to try it. It was scary at first, but WHOA! What a mind blower this guy was. I even blew him back too. I had enjoyed that glory hole so much that I would bring some disinfectant wipes, wipe the glory hole, and get ready for action. But, alas! The State grew wise and replacing the wooden walls with a steel wall is what they did. *sigh* to this day a small written sign on the wall is there in the spot “In memory of the glory days” where the glory hole was.

    Also, other thing to note: some adult bookstores have glory holes, but not all of them. The state has forced bookstores to change the viewing booths. Some adult bookstores have glory hole windows (which is you can see the guy jerking. but can’t get a blow job). Other times, you have to cruise carefully in the adult store too.

    In all, if you should find a bathhouse with the glory hole, do yourself a favor. Bring some disinfectant wipes and alcohol to wipe the hole before any action takes place. It makes sense to be careful and healthy.

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