Men who go to the baths go because of a need to connect with another person. (Read Making The Connection) However, there are some men who go for an entirely different reason. They go because they want to be a voyeur. Voyeurism, where else in the winter can you see live naked bodies walking around 24-7? Seeing all of that eye candy is just an added perk of the bathhouse life. The voyeur aspect of the baths kicks in when two men get together for sex. All in front of an audience.

In a bathhouse, a customer can get a room or a locker. There is a price difference between both. A locker being cheaper than a room. But a locker will not give you any privacy. If you happen to meet a cute guy, and both of you have no room, where do you go to have sex? In that situation, both men have to find a discreet place. Some of the more popular places are the showers, sauna, steam room, porn lounge, whirlpool, or even a corner in the hallways (Read Quickies for a full description). But men looking for that discreet place, find themselves stalked. Not by other men wanting to join in (well, sometimes). But by men who just want to watch the sexual encounter – LIVE!

There is one guy that I've met at the baths, who tells me he is bi-sexual. He doesn't do anything, with anyone. However, he loves to watch other guys get it on. He'll stake out certain areas in the baths that is a regular spot for 'quickie' sex. He'll even rotate his stakeout. A half hour in the whirlpool, a half-hour in the steam room, and so on. All the while, stroking his dick, waiting for two guys to enter and start having sex. Or if he spots a couple getting it on in the hallway, he will just go right up to them and watch. All the while stroking his dick.

But when is it okay to watch and when is it not okay to watch. A lot of guys who spot a sexual encounter happening, just walk up and start watching. Some men don't mind all of the eyes on them. In fact, some thrive on being an exhibitionist. But the majority of gay men don't like being a live sex show for other gay men. This is my etiquette rule on 'watching'. If I am in the whirlpool and two guys suddenly get in and start making out, then I can stay and watch. I got there first. And if they had a problem with me being there, they wouldn't have gotten in the whirlpool in the first place. But if the couple had gotten in the whirlpool before me, and started making out, I would stay away. You don't know if they are comfortable or not with people watching. Now if there is a crowd watching, then by all means you can join the crowd and watch as well. Let us face it; two guys having sex with full hard-ons. That is a live sex show.

I myself do not have a problem being an exhibitionist. In fact I thrive on that. One thing I like to do (on the rare times I do have sex) is shower with the guy after sex. In plain view of all to see. We soap each other up, slide our wet and soapy bodies off each other. I might get some head, and then stroke each other off. I do love taking showers with a guy, and I have no problem with other people seeing me.

And I'm not alone. The bathhouse I go to has a 'sling' area (though some baths have a room you can rent with a sling). Guys looking to bottom will get up in the sling and lie in it. Legs wide apart for all to see. If someone wants to f--k him, all they have to do is go in and do the deed. Enviably a crowd will envelop of four or five people in the sling area, watching, stroking their dicks, seeing the person in the sling get f--cked. All the while, the other guys are waiting their turn to f--k. Or just happy to observe this open anal experience. Again, there are some guys who just like to watch a f--ck fest. I remember this cute blond I saw one day at the baths. He avoided everyone around him. But when the sling room started to get busy, he was the first one in there. All he did was watch and stroke his dick. By the end of the first hour, you could tell he was tired. Although he was still watching, and stroking, the dick was limp.

However, being a voyeur, isn't all about observing others. It's listening as well, being an eavesdropper. When I check into the baths the one thing I always do, is to make sure I get a room that is in the middle of the hallway. So it is between two rooms. The walls are paper thin, so you can pretty much hear a lot of what goes on in the next room. Hopefully the music management plays is not too loud. Since I have mentioned earlier that I go home empty handed almost all of the time, hearing someone else have sex in the other room, is as much a turn-on as watching porn. When I notice that a drop dead gorgeous guy has the room next to me, I am ecstatic. That means something interesting will happen. I will lie on my bed, stroke myself, and cum – all the while hearing the grunts, moans, and the excitement next door. The other great thing that happens is listening to the afterglow – when two men are talking and actually getting to know one another after hot sex. I have overheard so many conversations with so many combinations of men. Married man and single gay man, older man and young hustler, man in a open relationship and man looking for love, two single men looking for love, younger man on the prowl for an older man, and the list goes on. It is fascinating to eavesdrop on an afterglow conversation. It is just like those reality TV shows. You are eavesdropping on real peoples conversations.

But I am so nosy. If someone leaves their room door open, after leaving the baths, I will also go in and poke around. As I had talked about in Judging a Book By It's Cover, I'm always fascinated by the identities of these anonymous men that go to the baths. I will see business cards, phone numbers scrawled on the backs of receipts, discarded food, empty bottles of Viagra, condoms and lube wrappers, and so on. Onetime someone left their leather jacket! Not to worry, I don't go through garbage with my hands. I just shake it around to see what is there. Sometimes I'll see condoms, with cum and blood. Other times just discarded lube wrappers and no condom wrappers. But I always wash my hands afterwards.

One last crazy thing that I do is to offer my room to other people. If I notice that two people are trying to get it on, and want some privacy, I will offer my room to them. No strings attached. Surprisingly, most couples actually decline my offer. But some don't. After the couple is finished having sex, I like to go in my room and feel the ambiance. See the rumpled sheets, the used condoms in the garbage, try to feel and imagine the sex that went on in that room.

I guess the reason I do all this voyeur stuff is that I am not getting any sex myself. I am having sex through other people's experiences. But then again, I have to occupy my time somehow at the baths?

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  1. This is exactly the type of article I was looking for, I’ve never been to a gay bathhouse before and have quite a voyeur fetish myself and been considering going just to watch and this gives me more confidence to do exactly that.

  2. My best voyeuristic experience was last Xmas when my 43 year old wife french kissed with her 25 year old son under the mistletoe.it was only meant as a bit of Christmas fun but I could see that their kissing was sexually aggressive.watching a mother and adult son french kiss was one hell of a turn-on!

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